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Today I read somewhere “the show must go on” and I could not agree more. We will get out of this and we will find solutions, this is the beauty of human nature, we never give up. ~~~ Couples: what can I say, it sucks. Big time. You have been dreaming and planning this day for so long, you have invested time, money, emotions. I can only imagine the sadness, anxiety and fear you are experiencing right now. I wanted to tell you that our hearts break for you every time we think of your wedding day to be postponed. But, don’t ever forget that it WILL happen, you WILL get married, you WILL have your family and friends near you when you say I do. It WILL be the happiest day of your life. You need to wait a little bit longer but don’t ever forget that it is postponed, you WILL have a new date. 💪🏻💪🏻HANG IN THERE 💕 ~~~ Vendors: we are all in the same boat, a boat where we ALL need to support each other. THIS is a moment to STAY STRONG and be friends. Be there for one another. Help each other to be super ready when all this is over. Because it will. 💕 Someone said what we need now is normality and I think this is soo true. Everytime I open a social I see posts about covid 🤯 So from now on I will keep on publishing wedding pics ion my social n the hope it will help bring positivity and normality (as much as possible) to this situation. Just remember that it doesn’t mean I am not thinking of it or that I do not emphatize with the situation 🥰

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Photography credits: Vanessa Rose Photography, Kate Garcia Weddings, Justice Photo, Alex & Jana Photography, Natalie Bray (styling mat picture)