2020 Wedding Trends

2020 is approaching and we are all ready for a new year full of exciting trends!

So let's see what the wedding world is up to, we know classic blue is the Pantone color of the year but what else?

Grazing stations: my Italian roots can't be happier about this trend. A grazing station is typically used for cocktail hour and it is usually composed by a variety of cheeses, fruits, dips, vegetables, cured meat. It is a great way to bring people together and socialize on top of being delicious and different from the common hors d'oeuvre.​​

Self-serving drink station: I am actually obsessed with it since a year! Have you checked out our Revel Revel gallery on V Party & Event website? You will see the little blue Ape bar where you can pour all sort of drinks on tap, Champagne, cocktails, mocktails and more. Such a fun and entertaining idea!​​​​

Photo Credits: It's All About you, Imagery

Designer: V Party & Event

Smaller weddings and more personalization: the less people you invite, the more budget you will have to spend on the smallest little details, from invitation suite to table scape (pretty plates, upgraded napkins etc..)

Photo Credits: Vanessa Rose Photography

Designer: V Party & Event

Sustainability: I think we all agree that we can live without plastic straws, right? You don't have to create a wedding that is completely sustainable but all together we can make a difference if we work on small changes!

Photo credits: Elisaveta Sudarikova

Inclusive cuisine: when you invite guests at your wedding make sure you are aware of special dietary restriction. You want everybody to enjoy the day and have a good meal, ask your caterer for options and make sure you can provide them to your guests.

Hairbands: they will substitute tiaras. However, it does not fit every face shape so in the end, just do what makes you feel the prettiest!

Credits: Dolphin Orange

Earthy tones: we will still see a lot of blushes but the trend for the year is cassis, faded denim, ochre. Another color that will be used a lot in 2020 is neon mint.

Lighting: LED, neon, fairy lights, market lights are a good way to play around to change the vibe of your wedding and to put the focus on the decor.

Designer: Vincenzo D'Ascanio

Creative tables settings: we are used to see all rounds tables at a reception or all farm tables but why not mix them up and create beautiful shapes like the one below?

Photo Credits: Dina Douglass

Designer: Amber Events

Those are just some of the trends that we will see this upcoming year, we honestly cannot wait to design 2020 weddings! If you have a very particular vision of your wedding day, a full wedding planner can guide you through the design by creating a design board with you for every single little aspect of your wedding: from paper suite to flowers, wedding decor and lighting!

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Photography credits: Vanessa Rose Photography, Kate Garcia Weddings, Justice Photo, Alex & Jana Photography, Natalie Bray (styling mat picture)