Beach Wedding: what you need to know

July 2, 2018

s there anything more romantic than having a wedding at the beach? If you are thinking of it, you might want to read this article because, as I always say, there is much more than just choosing a time and day for your big day!

Even though a beach ceremony seems simpler and easy to organize, there are few things to keep in consideration to be set for success.

1. You can't just decide to get married in a specific beach, you need a permit

Yes, that is correct, many people assume that getting married at the beach is "free". Even though some beaches might be, most of them need you to have a permit which will most likely cost you money. Once you have made a list of the 3 most desirable locations for your big day, contact the city to ask a permit. Make sure you already have in mind the exact date, time and number of people who will be participating.


2. Consider the date

Most of the beaches are public and are open to everybody so be mindful when you select the date, avoid Holidays and summer weekends if possible. You want to get married at the beach because it is romantic and intimate, you certainly do not want a bunch of families grilling next to you!!


3. Hire help

 Remember that renting chairs and decor doesn't mean that the delivery guy will also set it and break it down for you. He won’t orchestrate the ceremony either. This is why it is important that you hire a professional planner who will handle all that plus will help you with the ceremony timeline and with obtaining a beach permit.


4. Keep your guests refreshed and shaded

Add a refreshment station for your guests, such as an infused water station. It is also a good idea to rent a tent or some umbrellas that will offer some shade especially if your wedding is in the morning or early afternoon.

5. Dress accordingly

If you have decided to get married at the beach, please leave the princess gown at home as you won't need it! Most wedding dresses for beach ceremony are airy, light and simple. Also make sure your hair is ready for some wind :)


6. Choose long lasting flowers

Talk to a florist to choose the right flowers, direct sunlight and heat are no-goes for many blossoms.


7. Have a Plan B

Always! No matter if you are getting married in summer and the chances of rain is 0.001%. When we talk wedding planning, you ALWAYS need a back up plan.



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