Party boxes for a stress free celebration

May 30, 2017

If you have looked into our website you might have noticed that we added a new section called "Shop the party boxes". In this post I just want to explain you what the party boxes are and why we decided to create them.

 When you think about party planning, there's a lot to take in consideration and a lot to think about, no matter how many people or what is the occasion, if you're organizing, you want things to be done well.


This can be rather overwhelming and if it is true that many people are willing to hire an event planner and to pay her to create the perfect party they have in mind, it is also true that not everybody can afford it.Without the suggestions of a party planner, you'll have to take care of all the details by yourself but you might not want to spend time thinking about which color combination, which theme and decoration to choose, etc. You might just have absolutely no idea where to start to make your party stand out.


Most of the times, when we want to organize a small party, we end up doing something without theme nor decor or not doing anything at all because we believe it is too much stress and effort to think about it. Nowadays people are so busy that most of the times they don't actually have the time to go, choose and buy the party supplies for the birthday of their spouse or child or relatives and in many cases they are worried about the non-appealing result of their party decor. This is the main reasons why we thought about the party boxes. Inside you will find everything you need to set up the perfect party: cutlery, plates and cups, napkins, garlands, pinwheels or balloons.


All the elements have been accurately selected to look perfect together!You can say goodbye to the boring white plates/white cups/white napkins combo and even better, you won't need to even think of what to buy, you won't need to spend precious time in the traffic to reach the closest party store and search for what you need because we've already done everything for you!The only thing you will need to do is order the cake and invite some friends and family to enjoy the celebration!


At the moment, we offer a selection of 5 party boxes from which you can choose; you can find them here. We are working hard to offer a vast selection so keep an eye open for our next boxes! We hope you like our ideas!




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