Solving the nightmare of the reception seatings

May 17, 2018


There is one task that no event planner can do for you, it is a nightmare for almost every bride. Yes, I am talking about the seating chart for your wedding reception.

For some wedding receptions it is easier, for others there are so many factors to take in consideration that you might feel you just want to give up and and let your guests seat wherever they want.

Devising the seating chart is time consuming, nerve racking and a bit like working on a puzzle… This is why I am suggesting you some easy steps to follow that will help you with this unpleasant task:


Decide a date where you will take a couple of hours to work on the chart. Put it in your calendar (so you can't avoid it).


Print a diagram of the room with seatings, your event planner or the manager of the venue will be able to provide it for you.


Prepare a Chamomille (or a glass of wine!), sit down with your future husband and breathe.


LET'S START: To choose the seating style, think first about how many people will participate to your wedding reception. For instance if you are up to 40 you could choose an L-Shape/ Traditional Head table style or a King's table. If your wedding is bigger, the suggestion is to go with the classic sweetheart table with rounds or square tables; you could also mix the two styles.


You have now decided whether you and your future spouse will sit at a sweetheart table or whether you will have a more traditional head table.


The next and more complicated step is to ask yourself a few questions such as: do you need to remember to avoid putting two specific guests close to each other? Who do you want to be close to you? Are there any babies or kids? Do you want them to be all close to each other? Is there any disabled person attending? Would you prefer taking in consideration seating people from the same age group together?

To answer these kinds of questions the best way possible, talk to your close friends and family, ask them to give you an opinion. You might be overthinking it to make everybody happy, a straight forward opinion will help you untangle this situation.


Create groups. I believe every bride wants her guests to have a good time and be comfortable, therefore sitting them with like-minded folks. You can mix guests who don't know each other if you think they would get along but don't be too adventurous! If you do this, make sure you introduce them at the beginning of your reception, show them what they have in common and you can be sure they'll have a great time at your wedding!


At this point your ideas should be a little bit clearer than when you started. Take the printed floor plan with seating and feel free to write the name of the guest on top of every seat. You will probably need copies of the diagram as your first trial won't be the definite one!


When finished, ask your family or close friends what do they think about the seating and be open to suggestions.


Congratulations! You made it and you can now forget about the seating nightmare! :)


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