8 Online Invitations Websites for your Party

March 1, 2017

Invitations are an important part of party planning. Sometimes it can be a challenge to know exactly which details to give and how to set the template.

Let's start by saying that the more detailed you are and the more information you give, the easier it will be for your guests to know if they will be able to attend your event. Preparing an invite in the right way can be crucial in guests attendance, especially if there is catering/restaurant involved and if you are using a rental company for the set up. 

Invitations need to be sent 8 to 2 weeks before depending on the type of event; the earlier, the better!

 Here are the few easy steps to follow... and not to forget:


1. Add the name of the party host 


2. Explain what type of event it is (birthday party, wedding, bridal shower) 


3. Add place and address where the party will be and include directions in the envelope


4. Write the date of your party, including date and day of the week.


5. Add the time to arrive and the length of your party 


Include a card for your guests to RSVP and specify the date by which you'll need a response. 

You could also provide some specific information for example how guests should dress for you party (is it a formal event? Or is there a theme?). Provide information on who is invited (+1? Can the spouse attend too?)

So now you know all the steps to create an invitation card for your guests but you still need to print one. Below some online companies that you can:

Paper Source

Polka Dot







One last recommendation, if you are creating an invitation for a formal event, you might want to consider handwritten invitations, as they are more elegant and sophisticated.

No matter the type of event, always write by hand the name of the guests on the envelopes. It adds a personal touch!

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