What do you really need to throw the perfect party

February 8, 2017

So you decided to throw a party at your house, now what?

The overall experience that your guests will have is based on what I call "the 3 F": food, fun and flawless. Fun stands for the scope of the event: whether you are celebrating a birthday, you are organizing a company dinner or celebrating the most important day of your life, your guests want to have fun and enjoy the time they decided to dedicate to you! Make sure to entertain them, prepare games, music and Photo Booth to keep them busy.

Food stands for: Feed Them! What kind of party is one where there is no food involved? You need to take in consideration your guests when deciding which food to incorporate (it happened to everybody to go to an event or a party and to come home hungry  because the food choice was not your taste or worse, the food was simply not good!). Ask for allergies and food preferences in advance, before choosing your catering company (or before cooking it yourself). Make sure your food presentation is appealing, if you are planning on having a candy buffet, make sure the food and colors follow the theme of the party.

Flawless: each one of us has his own style, you need to make sure that whatever you decide to do, it has no glitches, prepare a checklist and make sure to read it once in a while, weeks before the party, I know it can be hard to think about, well..... everything, but keeping a list might help you brainstorm and add whatever you forgot in your first draft.

Here is a checklist that can help you!




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