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January 23, 2017

Each event has his own personality and we can define it by choosing certain colors over others. 

The color scheme will have an influence not only on the overall event but also on the emotions transmitted to the guests and the organizers so we really need to pay attention to what is the goal of the event. 

 Here is a short explanation on the meaning of colors:


White: is the color of innocence and pureness for western cultures and mourning in eastern cultures; White is elegant and airy as it creates a sense of space. Suggested for small spaces.

Yellow: is definitely active, healthy and alert, the suggestion is to use it with another color as it can fatigue the eye; it is good choice for a breakfast or brunch event.

Red: is the color of passion, movement and excitement. Good choice for those events where guest have to walk and move. It is also a good choice  if you want a catchy look for your event.

Green: is calming, recalls nature and healthy vibes.

Blue: is also very classical and elegant in the event world, it represents peace, trust, loyalty; it is known to lower the pulse rate and body temperature and creates productivity. Very common in corporate events.

Purple: represents luxury and wealth; it is also very elegant and used with the combination of another color.

Black: is the color of elegance, high-end and sophistication even though in some cultures it represents death or mourning. Suggested for night  and black tie events or to keep the atmosphere classical.


Choosing the right color scheme is the first step to create a successful event. No matter if what you are organizing is just a small dinner for family and friends, a company dinner, a birthday party or a wedding, the palette of the event is one of the basic element on which you will build your event!


While searching for ideas I found this article with some of the most beautiful color schemes for 2017, check it out by clicking HERE









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