Fr e q u e n t l y As k e d Qu e s t i o n s

I just need a day of coordinator, do you offer this service?

We don't have a day of wedding coordination package.

The reason behind this choice is simple: we strongly believe (and know) that no great event can be flawlessly executed by simply taking over the whole planning, jumping in only one week before. Especially if we are talking about a wedding, one of the most important day in a couple's life. 

In fact, one week before the event is too late to fix any issue that a coordinator can bring to your attention after checking your vendor contracts and floor plan... Moreover, it can be quite costly to fix last-minute problems compared to solving them ahead of time.

The question I want you to ask yourself is: after all the planning, the money, the mental and physical stress that preparing a wedding requires, would you feel comfortable, and do you think it would be worth it, to leave the coordination to a stranger that has not created a relationship with you in the previous months?

Why are we different, why choosing us?

I feel our most valuable asset is that we know how venues operate since we used to work as event coordinators for venues plus, we have a true passion for design. Having worked on the venues' side of things gives us the background to know which questions to ask and which problems might arise before it is actually too late! We know how to coordinate a team of vendors and we understand what they need. We also know that when you hire us, you are not hiring a business, you are hiring an expert, that will guide you and will be there for all your questions, we will be there in happy moments and also in times where you will need to make difficult and quick decisions. We care about our relationship with our couples very much and this is also the reason why we only take over a limited amount of weddings per year. I believe this combination of skills has led us to have a critical understanding of every aspect of planning and coordinating a successful wedding!

The venue I chose has a coordinator, do I still need to hire a wedding coordinator?

 Sometimes it’s easy to get confused with all the different roles vendors play during the planning process. Two of the most misconstrued roles are the catering manager or venue coordinator and a wedding coordinator. Although some job duties can overlap, their primary job function is very different. Below are a few key bullet points to assist you in understanding the difference. Please keep in mind that job duties will differ slightly depending on who your specific caterer or wedding coordinator is.


  • Act as your menu consultant for all food and beverage selections. (note: not all venues offer onsite catering)

  • Order and oversee the complete set up of your rental needs including tables, chairs, linens, tableware, lounge furniture. (note: not all venues offer rentals)

  • Create a floor plan of your event space in order for you to plan and provide them with your seating arrangements. 

  • Act as the on-site liaison between your wedding planner or coordinator and catering operations staff. 

  • Detail your menu and/or rental contracts

  • Oversee the ceremony and reception areas set up and food preparation. 

WEDDING COORDINATOR (duties may include)

  • Day of management

  • Create a custom timeline for your entire wedding day

  • Run interference with any personal or family issues that may arise 

  • Organize and coordinate your ceremony rehearsal. Remind bridal party of all pertinent “call times” and “don’t forgets” on the wedding day. 

  • Confirm call times and details with all vendors several days prior to the wedding day. Be the liaison with your family, bridal party and all vendors. Assist the bride and bridal party with dressing. 

  • Ensure the ladies have their bouquets and gentlemen have their boutonnieres. 

  • Deliver and arrange ceremony programs, escort cards, place cards, favors and personal items. 

  • Coordinate your ceremony (i.e. line up bridal party, cue musician, etc.), coordinate your reception (i.e. grand entrance, first dance, toasts, cake cutting, etc), coordinate your vendors to ensure timeliness of your events. 

  • Collect any personal items you may have brought at the conclusion of your reception. Collect all wedding gifts and deliver them to the appropriate location at the conclusion of your event. 

How can I make sure you are the right fit for us?

I always offer a free consultation to couples before we start working together. I prefer in person consultation because I believe we can get to know a person way better by meeting in person than by having a phone conversation. At the moment all consultation are through Zoom.

Do you offer design?

We do! The design package is included in The Venezia and The Firenze. However we also have a custom design package that can be added on top of the management package.

I am not sure which package I need...

Let's chat! The best way for me to understand your needs is to ask you questions and see where you are at in the planning process!